Dear C.O.A.S.T. Physical Therapy Services Community,

As we start off this new year and this new decade, here at C.O.A.S.T. we are celebrating another very exciting milestone. C.O.A.S.T. turns 25 this year! It has been an incredible experience to be able to have started our business so many years ago and to have grown it into the vibrant center for healing and wellness that it is today. We couldn’t have gotten here without all of you, our clients and our beloved community. The Santa Cruz region is filled with people of all shapes and sizes, and terrain and climate to suit just about any sport or activity. As a result, we have encountered every possible ailment and malady and been fortunate to apply our unique approach to physical therapy to you. It has been a true pleasure and honor to be able to serve all of you and play this part in the community we all cherish.

It is in this spirit that we are excited to share with you that we have lots in store for you for this coming new year and to celebrate our 25 years in business. Just as you have given us so much, C.O.A.S.T. cares and is inspired to pay it forward to help give back to our community. Starting this February 3rd, our 25th anniversary, C.O.A.S.T. will be showing how much we care by featuring one local nonprofit organization each month that we spotlight and support. Each month we will be honoring that local NGO with a unique program or fundraising drive to connect our community at C.O.A.S.T. with these local community charities. It takes a village, and we are honored to be a part of this one and to be able to give back to it as it has given so much to us.

The last 25 years of doing business in Santa Cruz county, has given us more than we ever could have imagined, and we intend to make the next 25 years equally as inspiring. We’ll be launching new programs and products, and doing all we can to be an active part of this wonderful community, and to your individual wellness and fitness goals.

To infinity and beyond…and then back to the gym for more exercises!

We look forward to it, and to serving you for the next 25 years to come.


Gerry Van Dyke

C.O.A.S.T. Through the Years